1st Week: 6/20/2010

By: Chase Jones

I can officially say that I am living in a big city, something that I could never have claimed before.

From my bedroom at the University Center of Chicago, I can literally fall out of my window and land on train tracks, which provide a great 6:30 AM wake up call. And 6:35. And 6:40. No worries on if I am able to wake up to get to work on time.

My roommate is French- I’ve never lived with somebody outside of this country before, but in the two nights I have stayed so far it has been a neat experience discussing a different perspective on just about anything: girls, how school works, the length of television commercials, and other various important topics.

I have to think being in Chicago in the summer is a blessing- something that everybody should get the chance to experience. And without this scholarship, I would not be writing you about how unbelievable it is. I went to the beach today (which I had no idea existed in the Midwest until this week) and had the chance to be wading in water while standing in the shadows of skyscrapers. A little different than the view you get in Wilmington.

One of the best parts about this place is the workplace- with Ronald McDonald House Charities, I feel that I have found something that ties my background together perfectly. Everyday I get to use some of the different aspects of the Kenan-Flagler Business School education, along with connecting and impacting people directly and truly giving back.

I have officially been named the event planner for an upcoming date- I have the privilege of coordinating an afternoon of community service for the Julie Foudy Sports Academy (http://www.juliefoudyleadership.com/) The camp works with young women soccer players on something more than just drills and practice. One designated afternoon is spent in various parts of Chicagoland, and your boy gets to plan it all out and hope for the best. Some will be teaching a camp for inner city youth, others will be volunteering in the various Ronald Mcdonald Houses, and if anybody else has suggestions, I am definitely open to them.

Beyond work I have gotten the chance to travel to Wrigleyville twice, which is any baseball fan’s dream. Even as I watch the College World Series, and am bitter that I am not in Omaha, I can easily say that there is no place I would rather be right now, getting the chance to experience this surreal time. Most importantly, I think that is what Eve would have in mind.