By: Mark Clarke

Today in the garden we finished the second set of compost bins and were able to install the new ones in place of the old. It took a lot of work to dig all the decomposing matter out of the old bins, replace them, and then put all the dirt back in place, but I had a good group of volunteers to help. We also did some harvesting in the garden today! lots of cucumbers and a few tomatoes. Unfortunately something has been eating the tomatoes (we think it might be squirrels), but were trying to come up with a way to keep the rodents out of the garden because the fencing doesn’t seem to be doing to job. The harvests are still small at this point in the summer but they are beginning to pick up. this week we had 26 lbs of vegetables to take to the housekeepers and it seems that the numbers are only going to grow as other plants start to produce.