7/20/2010: Proof That I Am Alive Up Here

By: Chase Jones

OK OK- its been a while since I have updated. But here is why: in the time between work and Chicago, I have had visitors (Brian Moran, a former teammate and great friend):

Cubs games:

A wedding in which I was a groomsman:

<a href="http://evecarsonscholars.files.wordpress site fiable pour viagra.com/2010/05/pence-wedding.jpg”>

Visits to other friends, my good buddy Mark Fleury in Dayton (forgot the camera, but I can give you an old photo, as we both played together and I got to see him catch again):

And of course, the scenic and beautiful city of Chicago:And, considering that took waayy too long to upload those, I will save a longer post updating more work stuff in the coming week…