A bunch of people had been driving ATV while we were shooting

For more information about becoming a foster parent, call the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services foster care hotline at 707 499 3410.The Humboldt County foster care program is looking for families willing to open their homes to children in need.seen the system for a decade, and I seen the pendulum go one way and I seen it go the other way I haven seen it like this, said Melissa Norwood, an adoptive and foster parent and the president of New Directions of Humboldt County Foster Family Association. In a crisis mode.A spike in children entering the system AAA Replica Handbags, a hard to break cycle of foster kids having foster kids and a lack of support are some of the contributing factors that Norwood thinks have pushed the system to where it is now.we first started, babies and young children were such a hot commodity Replica Bags, no one ever got them, said Norwood, who became a foster parent with her mom when she moved to the area 10 years ago. Day that I got my last placement, there were nine children that were taken into care.

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