About 200 people crowded into a conference room down the hall

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Fake Celine Bags Currently the major world titles are all held by European fighters and there aren’t any American contenders on the horizon that look likely to change that situation in the near future.The British, Russian and German markets in particular are as strong now as perhaps they ever have been, with former champions such as David Haye and current champions Wladimir and Vitali Klitschko regularly achieving impressive pay per view and live attendance figures. The trickle down effect being that other fighters who perhaps might have been able to build followings on the undercards of marquee heavyweight fights in years gone by will remain anonymous to casual fans.Promotional BiasDue to the fact that there are a handful of powerful promotional groups that control the majority of the most marketable fighters in the sport today Cheap Celine, many of bigger events these days tend to feature only fighters from one promoter.Look at any of the biggest pay per view events of the last few years and it becomes readily apparent that the vast majority of the time marketable fighters are being fed lesser fighters signed to the same promoter.Being able to fight only fighters signed to the same promoter allows the most marketable fighters to have the odds stacked more heavily in their favour from the beginning.As the entire purpose of a promoter is to try to gain the best terms possible for their fighters, many view having both fighters in a particular bout signed to the same promoter as a conflict of interest https://www.cheapcelinebagsoutlet.com, since the terms of any bout, eg ring size Cheap Celine Bags, purse split, glove type, will generally only ever favor one fighter.The end result of this is that top fighters aligned to opposing promoters tend not to fight each other nearly as often. Each promoter preferring to give their fighter easier competition than risk them against a fighter that they have no financial stake in.For the promoters, this is simply protecting their investments and makes sense Fake Celine Bags.