Arrival In CHICAGO!: 6/12/10

By: Chase Jones

I have to be honest here- on the drive up to Chicago from beautiful North Carolina today, I could have been in the last place any college baseball player wants to be: not on the diamond playing.

So I moped. I drove through rain. I failed in my goal of taking pictures of every state line I passed through (you can count them- Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and I think I even touched Wisconsin while my GPS while barking directions), And I was listening to other wholesale jerseys ball games the Tar Heels had been in the past 4 years, I picked a depressing audiobook to listen to, etc., etc., etc. Anything I could find negative about that drive today came through my head.

Then it dawned on me- the best part of my summer experience was yet to come. OK, so we did not make it back to Omaha to compete in the College World Series for the 5th straight time. And maybe our season was cut shorter than we had all imagined. After all, whenever asked about my summer plans, the first goal was to win a national championship.

But there I was- driving to Chicago to represent not me, my family, and baseball team, but so much more. This summer is about much more than me, and that is what is so exciting. I am getting gumi the chance of a lifetime: representing Eve Marie Carson and the wonderful University of North Carolina. I get the backing of Nhl a spirit and persona that transcends state and national lines, and all the while receive a chance to make a huge impact in the name of Eve and all that is Chapel Hill.

To give a little background, I am a cancer survivor who is proud of where I have been in hopes of where it can take me. For me personally, when asked about what do in the summer, I first drew all blanks. I knew another summer playing baseball would not do Eve justice, for I had already had two summers under my belt of that. Undergoing the basic internship offered for many students in the Kenan-Flagler Business School (of which I am a part of), which revolves around finances or investment banking and things of that nature, would simply not be something the Eve would have smiled upon. There is no chance for great impact there, no chance Majsky to get one’s hands dirty in the dirt and mud of real lives and change.

What came to me I consider to be a true blessing from above- I was connected through a good friend of mine to Ronald McDonald House Charities (, and was fortunate enough, with the EMC Scholarship backing, to be offered the position as an intern to be fully involved with everything that is RMHC. From event planning to marketing, and even to spending time within the houses themselves, I will be given a chance to be able to positively impact others. And that’s what I feel like this summer experience is all about.

So tonight, as I arrived at my roomate’s parents’ house in the outskirts of Chicago (thank you Mr. and Mrs. Bates for letting me stay), I could not stop smiling in the apprehension and excitedness of what is to come. A new city, new people, and new opportunities to show 3, the rest of the world how big of an impact Eve Carson had on the Chapel Hill community, and how large of an impact we can have on others.

And, besides, even though our team isn’t playing anymore doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the game itself. Guess who got tickets to Sunday night’s Cubs-White Sox game at Wrigley? Chicago is looking better by the minute.