At the same time, Dan Amman has proven to be a financial

Your first inclination here might be to wonder why, in both this example and the previous one, all the shitbergs are teachers. Maybe people aren’t biased against atheists as much as they just hate teachers. The second takeaway here is that yes, people suspected the driver of being an atheist over a rapist.

For these reasons and many others, Connecticut took action. Connecticut is a small state; that’s why we conditioned implementation of our labeling requirements on at least four other states with a combined population of more than 20 million adopting a similar measure. This undercuts the scare tactics of those who said labeling only in Connecticut would increase food prices (there was no price increase when trans fat content was added to food labeling).

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In a report released Tuesday, the National Registry of Exonerations said last year’s total topped the previous record high of 83 in 2009. Connecticut ranked seventh highest among the states. Texas topped the list with 13 cases.”A lot more people in the judicial system, in the criminal justice system, in law enforcement are aware of wrongful convictions now, compared with 25 years ago,” said David Cameron, a professor of political science at Yale University who has extensively studied wrongful convictions and served on a state task force on eyewitness misidentification.”Twenty five years ago I don’t think anyone knew there was such thing as a false confession,” said Cameron, who added that now there is much greater understanding of the circumstances in which a defendant might be wrongfully convicted.Cameron said Connecticut still has a long way to go.

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