Summer in the Triangle

By: Graham Lowder

Hey guys! My summer has been great so far. While I originally intended to intern in Washington, D. C. this summer, I had the opportunity to complete 2 internships this summer instead of just 1! First, I am interning for NC Attorney General Josh Stein. This is a great opportunity because I hope to work … Continued

Updates From Across The Pond

By: Maggie Williams

Somehow, during the fifteen-minute walk to the train station this morning, it managed to rain twice. Lovely English weather for you. The past two weeks of my research have been fantastic. I’ve interviewed more midwives than anticipated and learned so much about maternity care in the UK. Unfortunately, doing research with human participants prevents me … Continued

London Town

By: Maggie Williams

As I sat on the plane to London today, I talked with some recent high school graduates on their way to study abroad for the summer. As we talked, their excitement and anticipation reminded me of the jitters I felt last summer as I too travelled to London for a study abroad program. I wish … Continued

Food For Thought

By: Giszell Weather

Last week, we had the pleasure of working with Healthy Girls Save the World, a non-profit dedicated to promoting healthy minds, bodies, and relationships for middle school girls in North Carolina.  During their 2016 Summer Experience, we played “pop quiz” to break the ice, and watched as bits of latex and white paper flew through … Continued

Greetings From Peru

By: Madison Watts

Hey everyone! My name is Maddie Watts and I am one of the 2016 Eve Carson Scholars. I am currently in Trujillo, Peru, where I’ve been given the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people, practice my Spanish speaking skills, learn about the medical field and help provide healthcare to those who need it most … Continued

Scholar Summer Camp Day 1-2

By: Michael Adams

Michael Adams is running a week long summer debate camp in Durham, North Carolina for middle schoolers. Find out about his first day below.   Day two features a guest speaker from the UNC School of Government. Watch to find out who!   Stay tuned for days three and four in the next post! FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail

Grown Woman

By: Nancy Smith

Ok so yes this blog is dedicated predominantly to my research, but I’m going to allow for a narcissistic post CAUSE IT’S MY BIRTHDAY Y’ALL. Yep, ya girl just turned 21 in the grand land of Morocco. But before we get there, let me give you a brief synopsis of my arrival because it was … Continued


By: Nancy Smith

Hellooooooo blogosphere, the infinite chasm into which college students pour the details of their world travels and moms anxiously read to ensure that their child still lives, breathes, and stays under budget. If you check out my bio, you’ll see that my name is Ms. Nancy Randolph Smith and I am an undergraduate “researcher” from … Continued

Farewell, Peru

By: Sarah MacLean

I suppose it’s fitting that both my first and last blog posts about Peru have been written on planes. I’m almost through my 24-hour travel extravaganza from my Peruvian home in Cusco to my “real” home in New York, having just taken off from Fort Lauderdale. It’s hard to believe that my time in Peru … Continued