Peruvian Adventures

By: Sarah MacLean

It’s hard to believe that my last week in Peru has already arrived.  My experience working at Camino Nuevo and living with my host family has really surpassed any expectations I had before arriving.  While I’m excited to return to the US after 5 months, it’ll be so hard to say goodbye to my Peruvian … Continued

Off to Geneva!

By: Kyle Villemain

I’m off to Geneva in less than four hours. I’ve been a quite infrequent blogger these first two months of summer but plan to change that as I start to ramp up my summer. Thus far, I’ve spent my days planning. Doing some planning, having some meetings and then doing some more planning. Most of … Continued

A New Home Away from Home

By: Sarah MacLean

My time abroad can’t be considered a competition between the various countries of South America, but in just a few days I’ve realized that my month in Peru is going to rival my four months in Chile in terms of challenge and adventure.  I’ve only been in Cusco for a few days, but I already … Continued

Welcome to Lima!

By: Sarah MacLean

Greetings from Lima, Peru!  Well, technically just above Lima on my flight to Cuzco.  It’s been great to be back in Peru after being here for a few weeks of volunteering three years ago.  I just spent the weekend exploring the capital city, and now I’m looking forward to a great three weeks in the second-largest … Continued

Sarah’s Summer Begins

By: Sarah MacLean

Greetings, again, from Santiago!  I have finally finished up my semester here in Chile and can say I am on “summer vacation,” though it’s getting colder every day here in the winter of South America.  My classes ended well, with most having final projects and presentations instead of the cumulative final exams that I’m used … Continued

Emma’s Wrap-Up Post

By: Emma DeWitt

Like many around Chapel Hill, I am struggling to believe that this year, and my time as an undergrad at Carolina, have drawn to a close. My senior year really began this past summer with my three month trip to the United Kingdom to learn about juvenile incarceration and rehabilitative arts immersion. The summer, made … Continued

Kyle’s Summer Plans

By: Kyle Villemain

Hello everyone! This is my first stab at blogging. Well in reality my second attempt as I had a short-lived attempt in high school to start a political blog. By short-lived I mean I created a free website, created a name that was witty and meaningful and then never posted a blog of any kind. … Continued

Sarah’s Summer Plans

By: Sarah MacLean

Greetings from Santiago, Chile! I’m currently about halfway through my semester studying abroad in Chile’s capital city and I’ve absolutely loved my experience so far. During the past several weeks, I’ve been able to take advantage of so many new opportunities to improve my Spanish speaking abilities and learn about all that Chile has to … Continued

final post

By: Paige Holmes

There are 3 weeks left until graduation and at this point, I have just given up and let my emotions run their course. A few days ago, I bawled in front of my laptop while writing my last paper for a class. Who ever thought I would cry about that?! What is wrong with me?! … Continued