Celebrating a Legacy


On what would have been her 30th birthday, I reflect on the legacy of Eve Carson. I think of an individual whose spirit filled a campus with life, and I think of a campus that continues to be molded by the wisdoms one individual gave meilleur site achat viagra.

She urged those around her to pursue “excellence with a heart” and held herself to that same standard. She dove headfirst into the lives of those around her and held them close. She led a student body by example, “seeking to be great, but always remembering that we must be good.”

I arrived to Carolina more than three years after we lost Eve, yet I know these things to be true. In every story I heard, a role model emerged: a powerful work ethic and a compassionate heart. Without ever knowing her, I was monumentally affected by who she was, as are so many others.

I learned of a scholarship that memorialized her ability to see the goodness in others, and I watched as those individuals charted their own definition of the Carolina Way. I later joined the student-led organization and adopted its mission: students celebrating students. Every minute the scholarship pursues this mission is a minute Eve’s goodness echoes on our campus. To me, that’s a legacy.

Today we celebrate you. Happy Birthday, Eve.

In the Carolina Way,

Zack Newbauer