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According to the documents, Andrew said he had struggling with his gender identity since he was about 5 years old, feeling as though he was a transgender woman. He first told his mother about his gender identity issues when he was 10 and she allegedly not pleased. In subsequent conversations, he claimed, she was vehemently opposed.

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While Desti can help plan a vacation, it can’t yet assist with all your everyday needs, or even address all your travel queries. So far, the app, which has been in “beta” since November, can only offer advice on destinations in six states, including California, Hawaii and Washington. According to Gur, the startup will have the entire United States covered soon..

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My blood alcohol level was.24 when I got arrested for a DUI. I brushed it off as no big deal because let’s face it: Everyone gets DUIs. Right? Wrong. While the cold open doesn’t feel particularly focused, Weekend Update delivers another strong week. The next live episode isn’t until January 13 when the host will be Sam Rockwell. See you in 2018, folks!.

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