Coyote Danger Rangers as Burble Avatar: The Last Airbender as

Nicholson has been nominated for Academy Awards twelve times. Coyote Danger Rangers as Burble Avatar: The Last Airbender as Tyro Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends as Uncle Pockets, Omnizot, Foul Larry Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! as Antauri, Morlath The Batman as The Joker (Incidentally, after a short cameo in one of the 2012 Teen Titans shorts, Kevin has become one of the few voice actors to have played both the Joker and Batman in separate productions.) Megas XLR as Glorft Commander, Tiny, Georgie Danny Phantom as Dragon Ghost, Skulker (2nd voice) Higglytown Heroes as Uncle Lemmo Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel as player character Cyrus, NPCs Blake and Soldier, and the NPC enemies Ghoul High Priest and Mutant Grunt.

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