Day 2:

By: Sarah Kaminer

My spanish feels so smooth and natural. It is flowing well. Now that I have more confidence… which means I talk very fast and mess up lots. But I can see fluency within reach one day and it is SO EXCITING.

Here’s what’s hard. I have been reading Proverbs and really meditating on how good it is to listen more than you speak. But here I am chatting away in Spanish (to practice) but I also need to stop and learn how to have an ear for it. Is listening or blundering better for learning a language? No se.

I am glad I was taught to never interrupt. When I catch myself doing it here I am ashamed!

Explaining scholarships to my host family is so hard. There is no word for it in my dictionary and my family has no concept of it. I told them I received money so I could come back. I really wanted to tell them about Eve and how incredible she was and how I hope I can honor her memory. But I did not know how to say that in Spanish. I need a whole new dictionary to describe her! But anyway scholarships make me feel like a sugar mama, or make me feel wealthy. I try to explain need-based aid scholarships but I do not think they can understand because to them I am the richest person in the world. I could explain at-risk/low income but I do not think it would be that beneficial. All that matters is I am here and I am blessed.