Establish a Twitter marketing planJust like with any other

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high quality replica handbags But behind Riyad Marhrez, the humble 25 year old star who never believed he would make it in English football, is a wife who will not rush to be crowned queen of the wags.Rita Mahrez, mother of the couple’s six month old baby,is a stunning 24 year old model who bears more than a passing resemblance to reality television star Kim Kardashian.Yet the beautiful brunette, who married Leicester star Mahrez in a secret ceremony just eight months ago, does not court the limelight.A devoted new mother, she was not seen publicly at Sunday’s PFA ceremony where her husband was flown by helicopter to accept his award, and has never discussed their relationship.But Leicester City’s reluctant Queen Wag is nevertheless gushing in her support of Riyad on Instagram, where she regularly posts loving messages of support to the Premier League star or, as she called him in one recent post, ‘my right side’.In another picture, posted to a fan site, Mahrez appears to refer to her as his ‘left side’.The former businesswoman, who now describes herself as ‘married’ and a ‘mother’ on her social media account, is clearly settling into her new family life well complete with the bonuses which come with being the wife of a man who earns almost 20,000 a week.’Dinner with the hubby,’ Rita posted, as she poses in the couple’s expensive car, white leather seats clearly on show. Three weeks earlier, she had expressed her delight, writing: ‘Game day, another win, almost there.’However, Mahrez is not the only star in Rita’s life: the pair have a six month old baby girl named Inaya a name with Arabic origins meaning help, care and protection.’1 half of the Love Of My Life,’ the new mother wrote, under a picture of little Inaya’s tiny hand.Luxury: Rita shows off her designer shoe collection including a few pairs of Yeezy trainers, and a rather small pair for the couple’s adored little girl (far right). Her husband earns almost 20,000 a weekIn another adorable snap, the French Algerian footballer is seen kissing his little girl’s cheek, while embracing his wife.’My family,’ Rita wrote.In a more recent picture, posted just five weeks ago, she shared a picture of her husband after another successful day on the pitch.’Well done my baby scored so proud of you forever family, on inayas 5 month birthday I told you was going to score today[sic],’But, like Kim Kardashian West, one of the only non family members Rita follows on Instagram, this WAG is a fan of the selfie and shopping.In amongst the swathes of selfies, she regularly posts photos on social media of her recent ‘hauls’ from designer stores including Louis Vuitton and Chanel.The Kim lookalike is even a fan of Kanye West’s trainer line and recently uploaded a picture of four pairs of shoes including trainers for a baby with the caption ‘Just to name a few yeezy’.Rita is also close to Mahrez’s sisters, Dounya and Innes, who grew up with the star in the Paris suburb of Sarcelles, a lifetime away from the million pound Liecester home he now shares with his young family.’My sister my best friend I love you so much,’ Dounya wrote alongside a selfie of her and Rita five weeks ago.’Love you sister mix,’ Rita replied.Close knit: Rita is also good friends with Mahrez’s sisters,Dounya and Innes high quality replica handbags.