The Executive Committee of the Eve Carson Scholarship fulfills the second component of Eve’s vision for a junior-year scholarship. Entirely composed of UNC-Chapel Hill undergraduates, the committee orchestrates the entirety of the scholarship’s inner workings, from recruitment to public relations to fund-raising.

2014-2015 Executive Committee

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments and suggestions at

To speak directly to an executive member:

Zack Newbauer – Executive Director (919) 800-1926

John Farmer – Director of Operations

Rachel Gentry – Secretary/Treasurer

Ashley Casson – Director of Public Relations

Rachel Gogal – Director of Campus Development

CeeCee Obi-Gwacham – Director of External Development

Mahmoud Saad – Second-Year at Large

Blake Hauser – Director of Scholars Programs


Why do you do what you do? When asked this questions for the WDYDWYD Project, she answered, “I want any excuse to work with my classmates (and help them do what they want to do….because that’s what I want to do).”


The Eve Carson Scholarship Executive Committee has taken a moment to respond to the question themselves. Here’s what they said:

Zack Newbauer, Executive Director

Eve Carson exemplified the character traits I value most: compassion��� and sincerity. Few individuals fix these traits as priorities above 
all else, and the legacy of Eve tells me she certainly was one. It is ���������because of this that I know that every second I spend interacting with
 the scholarship and investing in the people involved is also an
 investment in the practice of these traits. Our campus and the rest of
 the world are both littered with insanely capable and driven �����individuals, but through this scholarship we work toward a product that
 gives accomplishments context and meaning. We seek ways to enable
students to celebrate each other whilst making every moment count. In the name of the scholarship we not only award two incredible merit-based
scholarships, but we also invest in our school and each other. How
 lucky are we to have the opportunity to do so?

Rachel Gogal, Director of Campus Development

I am involved in the Eve Carson Scholarship because I believe in the importance of celebrating the achievement and success of students who are dedicated, driven, and determined in receiving the best education they can.  I serve as the Director of Campus Development to help unify the student body under a scholarship that promotes academic integrity and community appreciation.  I am also involved in Eve Carson Scholarship to help empower growth, recognize hard work, and award those who rise above life’s challenges everyday to succeed both academically and personally.

Mahmoud Saad, Second-Year at Large

I do what I do because I believe in Eve Carson’s vision. Her vision that every student should have the opportunity to reach for their fullest potential and chase it, even if luck hasn’t always been on their side. That if someone is willing to put in the work to succeed, despite social and economic barriers, they should have a strong support system. And above all, that everyone should have a team. A team standing behind them with advice, support, experience, and a helping hand extending a second chance.

Sarah MacLean, 2014 Eve Carson Scholar

My summer experience through the Eve Carson Scholarship gave me another opportunity to witness how big this world is.  It’s full of unique landscapes that I can take pictures of, mountains I can climb and people whose experiences, passions and struggles are different from mine.  So far, I’ve only been able to skim the surface of what I want to do – there is so much more to learn, so many more questions to ask, and so many more people to share with.  I do what I do because I don’t want to change the world.  Instead, I want to positively impact the lives of each individual I meet, and I know I will have endless opportunities to do that.

Blake Hauser, Director of Scholars Programs

Carolina has so many talented students, and I consider it a privilege to get to interact with a few of them and reward their spectacular accomplishments.������I love being a part of an organization that brings together such passionate and driven individuals and then empowers these students to pursue their passions. Eve Carson described ideal Carolina students as “Seeking to be great, but always remembering that we must be good.” I believe that the Eve Carson Scholarship honors that balance between achieving greatness and being a force for good in the campus community, and I am proud to serve on its Executive Committee.

Ashley Casson, Public Relations Director

I am involved in the Eve Carson Scholarship because I believe it is the best representation of what Carolina is all about. To me, Carolina is a place where all students are accepted and valued, and bring so much to offer to this university. By serving on the Eve Carson Scholarship executive board, I am able to work with those passionate students and celebrate who they are and what they have contributed to the Chapel Hill community. The Eve Carson Scholarship represents what it means to be a Tar Heel, and I love giving back to my fellow students who make this university so great.

John Farmer, Director of Operations

I believe individuals, particularly at the collegiate level, have an unbelievable capacity for growth. The Eve Carson Scholarship rewards junior-year students who have grown significantly since their college matriculation in areas of academics, social justice, and leadership. My decision to become directly involved with the ECS stems from my ability to identify with those who lacked a meaningful sense of purpose during high school, but who enthusiastically approached their time at Carolina with both clarity and direction.

 Rachel Gentry, Secretary/Treasurer

I do what I do because the Eve Carson Scholarship represents what Carolina is all about: celebrating students and their accomplishments. The people I’ve found here at Carolina are what have made my time on the Hill the best of my life. The Carolina students that I am lucky enough to call my friends and peers are some of the most driven, compassionate, supportive, inspiring, motivated, and fascinating people I have ever met, and to be able to be a part of rewarding students who have grown and given so much to Carolina during their time in Chapel Hill is something really special. The growth of the scholarship and the positivity it continues to spread excites me beyond words, and I believe so strongly that Eve’s vision will continue to touch the Carolina family for the years to come.

CeeCee Obi-Gwacham, Director of External Development

St. Paul’s School asked its students to never forget to be kind����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������to be unselfish in friendship, thoughtful of those less happy than ourselves, and eager to bear the burden of others.����������������������������������� UNC introduced me to the Carolina Way, a campus-wide spirit of heart, unity and passion. Call it corny if you may, but eight years of having these values instilled in me is likely WIDWID. My alma maters are among the best in the world, and attending them would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the help I���������������ve received along the way, help that oftentimes was from complete strangers. My involvement in the Eve Carson Scholarship is my way of paying it forward. It’s one of the many ways I say “Go Heels!”

Kelsey Hathaway, External Relations Committee��

I am constantly in awe of Carolina’s amazingly talented and driven student body. Our unique community is comprised of individuals who not only bring their own talents and passions, but also foster the passions of those around them. As Eve once stated, we have a responsibility to the development of the student body, and the Eve Carson Scholarship is a method for doing so. I am thrilled by the opportunity to reward Carolina students who have served our community, and provide a way for them to continue their pursuits of leadership and exceptionality.