final post

By: Paige Holmes

There are 3 weeks left until graduation and at this point, I have just given up and let my emotions run their course. A few days ago, I bawled in front of my laptop while writing my last paper for a class. Who ever thought I would cry about that?! What is wrong with me?!

Nothing, of course. That’s just it. Having had so many opportunities in the last four years to figure out who Paige is, I realize that I am right where I am supposed to be. Even if that is in Limbo Land, as they say, or that place some people are to visit just about the time they hit the “real world,” that is a place of terror and the unknown where people float aimlessly around saying “I don’t know what I’m going to do after graduation!” The HORROR! Joking. Even if that is where I am right now, it’s perfect. It is what is meant to be.

Over the school year I’ve become increasingly interested in working with people who have disabilities, so after graduation I may venture into that arena further. Or I may find a way to continue with positive psychology without doing research. Who knows? Maybe I’ll become a parakeet farmer, fortune cookie writer, or crocodile hunter.

I would definitely like to re-iterate how grateful I am for receiving the scholarship. It has really helped out my family afford the end of my college career, and it has given me so many incredible experiences that I have learned from (way more than in a classroom). Thank you to all who are a part of ECS and here’s to another summer of growth, exploration, and joy for the new scholars!