Food For Thought

By: Giszell Weather

Last week, we had the pleasure of working with Healthy Girls Save the World, a non-profit dedicated to promoting healthy minds, bodies, and relationships for middle school girls in North Carolina.  During their 2016 Summer Experience, we played “pop quiz” to break the ice, and watched as bits of latex and white paper flew through the air.  Each little piece of paper contained a question related to our theme: Local Food.  Our balloon activity was super poppin’ (no pun intended) and a magnificent way to get to know every smiling face.  Afterwards, we tested our taste buds during a blind tasting of cantaloupe, watermelon, cucumbers, peaches, and honey, all locally sourced from Perkins Orchard in Durham, North Carolina and Hope Gardens in Chapel Hill.  We watched attentively as the girls used their tiny noses to gather the fragrances of the fruit. We savored the flavors of the earth and watched as the campers piled yellow watermelon and peaches drenched in Hope Gardens honey onto their plates. Hands, forks, spoons, and skewers lifted the fruit from their plates to their mouths.  The empty plates were soon accompanied by the campers’ delightful request from…can we have more?

After our bellies were full of fruit and honey, we talked about the significance of local food and the utility of the DIY culture.  “It’s all about energy,” I explained.  “We have to circulate energy within our communities by supporting local businesses like Perkins Orchard.  These conscious choices help us to create programs like Herban Garden and support organizations like Healthy Girls Save the World.”

We concluded the program with thoughtful reflections on the poem, “Dear Future Generations.” I looked out and saw those tiny eyes on the screen and thought to myself, “Wow, we’re really doing this.”

Check out some pictures from the program!