” God in Barzkh Mahmoud

It plays a role in digestion of fats from food by storing bile and delivering it to the small intestine when food arrives. Bile is produced by the liver and comprises cholesterol, bilirubin and bile salts.What causes gallstones? develop when cholesterol levels in the bile are too high and excess cholesterol turns into stones.Most gallstones are mixed stones or cholesterol stones, mostly made up of cholesterol. They are usually yellow or green.Another type of gallstones are pigment stones, which are mostly made up of bilirubin and are smaller and darker.Who is at risk of having gallstones?Risk factors for developing gallstones include:Being overweight or obeseBeing femaleBeing over 40A woman who’s had more than one pregnancyHaving cirrhosis of the liverHaving Crohn’s disease or IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome)A family history of gallstonesHaving weight loss surgery or recently having lost weightBeing treated with the antibiotic ceftriaxoneBeing on the PillWomen taking high dose oestrogen therapyHaving type 2 diabetes is suspected of being a risk factorA lack of exercise is also thought to increase the risk of gallstonesGallstone symptomsMost gallstones don’t cause any symptoms, known as asymptomatic gallstone disease.

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