However, the lesson that every reporter learned from Watergate

The government has paid Galante about $7.6 million of the $10.7 million specified in his plea bargain agreement, according to the court filing. Galante agreed in the plea deal to forfeit tens of millions in cash and assets in return for a payment, less closing and related transaction costs, on the sale of his businesses. He also was given an 87 month prison sentence, which he continues to serve.

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GOP House members roared and applauded as their chamber passed the $1.5 trillion package largely along party lines, 227 203. Ryan declared, “This was a promise made. This is a promise kept,” as he and other GOP leaders convened a victory news conference moments later.

Persian rugs earned the spotlight elsewhere, too. In the and acts like Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young and the Grateful Dead performed on Persian rug strewn floors, while in more recent years, luminaries such as Eric Clapton, and the late Tom Petty and Leonard Cohen were spotted crooning away on them onstage. Still today, stages are often strewn with them while artists strum and sing away..

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Watford have conceded more goals in the final 15 minutes than any other Premier League team this season. Asked to delve deep for their manager, as they had in salvaging a point in stoppage time on the opening weekend against Liverpool, Watford’s players could no longer summon the fight. The ‘little relationships’ of which his former players speak were broken..

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