I always heard such nice things about him

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“Philip definitely came in and took care of his minutes,” Napier said. “He played Shaq to the best of his abilities. He’s one of our best pick and roll defenders.

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One December, my dogs decided to take off in a snowstorm. Against my better judgment, I trudged after them in only a coat and sneakers. As large white snowflakes swirled around me I thought, “I must be crazy.

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The opening is juicy and bright, but already rich and peppery spicy, and it warms quickly you can tell you’re in oriental territory within seconds. It settles into a floriental in which no particular notes stand out: I catch flashes of clove, presumably from the carnation, and once or twice I thought I smelled bitter coffee bean (it is easier to make out on paper than on skin). The base is woody, dry, and middling dark (it smells exactly like the color used in the digital ad shown above left).