I assure you, if it allows them to play games, get out of

Lava Lamps, Most lamps are made to assist with lighting a room and giving you something to read by. On the other hand, in retro times, the lava lamp was more about putting on a show when it was dark in the room. Lava lamps have begun to grace the shelves of not only specialty and gag gift stores but also typical home decor departments in other stores, including superstores and department stores.

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Railroad Museum of New England, Thomaston: The Easter Bunny will be hopping aboard the Naugatuck Railroad on April 15 for a scenic excursion along the Naugatuck River. Meet the Easter Bunny as you travel by train to his secret Easter Patch. Upon arrival, children participate in an rubber duckie hunt before returning to historic Thomaston Station.

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