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Prada Outlet LOCKE. I believe that those are non issues. I believe with an institution the size and stature of Hampton University, it is ridiculous to ignore its presence. Enjoy $5 martinis and $5 shots of Patron all night, along with the Cheap Prada handbags newly revamped menu of hot and cold tapas and several versions of the traditional Spanish dish, paella. 802 West Randolph St., (312) 243 44422014 New Year’s Eve Party PlannerBy Christmas Eve you may already be trying to get some distance between you and the fam, and chances are, sweet, sweet alcoholwill be involved. Here’s a few spots to get your holiday party on especially if you’re Jewish and wondering what all the fuss is about.MATZO BALL: Crimson Lounge is the new location for the 24th annual Matzo Ball, a Christmas Eve bash celebrated in 10 cities across the country targeted toward young, single Jewish professionals although everyone is certainly invited Prada Outlet.