If you have severe symptoms, you may even be placed on a lung

Here is the ferry dock. Little boats of various sizes and styles, and seem to be run by whomever (not sure it is totally organized, or done by a “company”, but maybe it is) load you on and for $1 per person take you for the few minute ride across the strait to the main island of Santa Cruz, our only destination in the Galapagos. We got to the ferry just as it was about to leave, so had to hurry on.

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Tie the pillowcase or bag shut, and place it in a bucket of water. The compost needs to steep in the water for seven days, and the water needs to be stirred periodically during that period. The tea making process can be accelerated by using an aquarium pump and an air stone to aerate the bucket’s water, which becomes the compost tea.

There are a few things that i would like to say about this. The Raibow people have managed to do more for these disaster victims then our supposed governmental agencies that are designed to provide relief in disasters. They are true movers and shakers! They have gained my respect, as well as those that they are serving.

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