I’m still winning: Last week I put out a challenge to any guy

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Hermes Fake They run a bar,” Rich said.A guy named Keith from Menomonee Falls told me he bought one of the mannequins because it will look good standing next to his 1958 Edsel convertible.”I’ve been wanting one of these for years,” the single guy said.I’m still winning: Last week I put out a challenge to any guy who thinks his walletis more decrepit than the crappy one I’ve used the past few decades.For no good reason,I’ve turned my wallet into a sick experiment to see just how far it will go before its molecules melt.Buy PhotoJim Stingl is still judging his wallet as the worst. (Photo: Michael Sears / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)I heard from dudes and wives of dudes withworn out wallets, and somesent me photos. It’s hard to find a good billfold referee, so I’m judging mine asstill the worst.But Michael Ritter has a strong contender Hermes Fake.