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Fairer people ask whether the glut of Super PAC money is good for America. It is a good question and Mr. Adelson has been quoted as saying that he would prefer if money were not a component of American politics. He’s called President Obama “stupid” and continues to question his citizenship. And he’s relentlessly spewed ignorant, incendiary, racist rhetoric to incite his rapacious devotees. Yet he continues to rise in the polls. However, all of them have at least three unique weapons. Escort Mission: Several worlds have missions where you have to protect a convoy from enemy forces. Exactly What It Says on the Tin: You command toys. Book Ends: Season 3 started and ended with the same challenge shoot three targets with the Smith Wesson.500 revolver. Season 4 has a very early challenge between Greg and Chris. Those same two are in the finals.

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