July 6, 2010: La France

By: Caroline Fish

I’m doing a video blog this time ? check back later for more updates…. for now here’s the vid!

[youtube=http://www viagra generique avis.youtube.com/watch?v=FShMlmlPLnQ]

Also, disclaimer, I was kind of tired when I did this and didn’t remember the names of organizations that well, so when I say I’m talking about “la ligne droite” I actually mean, “la Ligue du Droit international des femmes” which is what I meant but something very different. One more thing, about supporting immigrant women, I don’t mean to say all situations for immigrants are like the ones I talk about or that all women who come here end up in violent marriages… I was speaking from experiences that I have had working with women in France (a limited experience within one small organization) but it is what I consistently saw and I ended up writing a big report on it. If you read French, the report is here and I talk about immigration issues starting page 7.

Below is the photo from the NPNS campaign against relationship violence that I talk about in the video…

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