Laskarin explained that he’d gotten the can in a trade several

“‘I stood on a stump,'” Samel says, as related by Krakauer, “‘reached through a back window, and gave the bag a shake. There was definitely something in it, but whatever it was didn’t weigh much. It wasn’t until I walked around to the other side and saw a head sticking out that I knew for certain what it was.'”.

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I reached Daniel Laskarin, an artist in Vancouver, British Columbia, whose Web site mentioned he had a soup can signed by Warhol. But it had exploded in his studio. Laskarin explained that he’d gotten the can in a trade several years before and one day, he noticed it starting to tilt.

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As for Brad Miller, sorry for the fat lip. Next time, consider a dunk instead of a lazy finger roll. OK, a little celebration here.

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