LNG is gas chilled to liquid form for shipping on specially

Iraqi government spokesman Ali al Dabbagh said the partners in the deal planned to invest $12 billion in the project, of which the Iraqi government will hold 51 percent, and had set a target to export 600 million cubic feet of gas per day.Oil Ministry will sign the final agreement now that they have the cabinet approval, Dabbagh told Reuters. He did not say when the final contract would be signed.The deal is for a venture in the Basra region to capture and use gas currently being burned off at southern oilfields of Rumaila, Zubair, and West Qurna Phase One.Iraq is losing 1 billion cubic feet per day (cfd) of gas through flaring, mostly from the south, according to Shell. Iraq would use the gas produced in the domestic market or for exports.SCOPE OF DEAL Thamir Ghadhban, the top energy adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki, told Reuters Iraq decided recently to include Majnoon oilfield in the deal.asked to include Majnoon to expand the scope of the work of the joint venture and increase the quantities of processed gas, Ghadhban said.The initial cost of the deal would be about $12 billion, but could rise to $17 billion in the future, according to studies approved by Iraqi Oil Ministry, Shell and Mitsubishi, he added.Under the 25 year development contract, Iraq should pay $1.5 billion at the start, and $4.15 billion after two years from its budget, but Iraq established gas facilities at some fields are already valued at $1.5 billion, Ghadhban said.will not pay any cash at the beginning of the work as its contribution is its established gas facilities, he said.The plan also includes setting up a liquefied natural gas project at a later stage, to export any excess gas with a maximum capacity of 600 million cubic feet of gas per day, Ghadhban said.LNG is gas chilled to liquid form for shipping on specially designed tankers.Shell, Europe largest oil company, signed in January final contracts for the development of supergiant Iraqi oilfields Majnoon and West Qurna Phase One.The deals are part of a series Baghdad has signed with international oil companies, in a bid to boost its crude output capacity to 12 million barrels per day High Quality replica Bags (bpd), rivalling top oil producer Saudi Arabia.

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