Middlebury police have known since 2012 that Durst owned the

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Fake Handbags She told a witness she was going to New York, but missed the bus, according to police.A witness saw Schulze in her dorm room 15 minutes later, looking for her favorite pen and not wanting to talk about her exam, police said.Schulze did not show up for the final. Her belongings, including her wallet and sleeping bag, were later found in her dorm room.Middlebury police have known since 2012 that Durst owned the store, but have not contacted Durst for questioning.”I would welcome the opportunity to speak with him, and I know that my chief would welcome the opportunity,” Bowdish said.She would not say what was stopping police from questioning Durst, except to say: “It hasn’t happened yet.”Black lived across the hall from Durst in Texas in 2001. Durst told a jury Black was shot during a struggle, and he admitted cutting up the body and dumping the pieces in the Gulf of Mexico. Fake Handbags

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