More normcore outlet casualties are expected

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Fake Handbags SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe graveyard of women’s fashion retailers continues to grow. Gap’s looming mass store closure is part of the demise of primarily women’s fashion retailers selling normcore, moderately priced, average looking clothes.More normcore outlet casualties are expected Replica Handbags, as retailers pick extreme sides in the battle for women’s shopping dollars: staggeringly cheap, disposable clothes or high end luxurious pieces.Gap will close 175 North American storesMiddle class retailers dying a slow deathLe Chteau rocked by brutal competition”Retailers that are focusing, that are going after a specific cluster or segment of people are having a lot of success,” says Sasha Poljsak, Fusion Retail Analytics director. “While retailers that are just kind of sitting in the middle are basically stagnating and being picked apart.”Mid range retailers close doorsGap plans to close about 175 of its North American stores over the next few years, the company announced this week Fake Handbags.