Of these people they would work from half a day to maybe a day

Three thank yous a day. Every day. Every single person in this world has something to be thankful about every day, no matter how dire their situation.

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My grandpa did the same thing. He ahd a stroke in 1998 and was in hospital he was 2 stubborn to help himself and then my grandma fell ill and was in hospital and he missed her and came 2 c her, 2 days later she died suddenly, she had fluid on the lungs and it spread. He wudn talk after it wudn eat.

Shortly into our trip, we came upon a large flat rock sticking up out of the river. Our guide told us to lean hard to the right when we hit it. Those of us on the left side of the raft heeded his advice, but the two Novocained acorns on the right side sat straight up like stoned gargoyles, with grins to match.

We found a Briggs Stratton mower for $99.99. I couldn’t believe it. But even $99.99 was way out of our budget so we had to buy it and hope to get a season or two out of it.

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