Phil Coulter’s Country Serenity (Shanachie) explores country’s

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canada goose store The only species to be observed in extremely high numbers was white winged crossbill. The 346 birds reported were more than 10 times the previously recorded high of 30 in 1987. In most years Cheap Canada Goose Sale, this count reports no white winged crossbills. Phil Coulter’s Country Serenity (Shanachie) explores country’s Irish connection through his alternately clever and touching reworking of several classic numbers. While he occasionally stretches the idiomatic line a bit in his renditions of “Always On My Mind,” “Amazed,” “Love Can Build A Bridge” and “The Long Goodbye,” Coulter always retains a country foundation in the arrangement and doesn’t deviate so far in the lead that it loses credibility. He opens with a Garth Books number “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and concludes with the Eagles’ “Desperado,” and displays a soulful sound and fine interpretative range and form.. canada goose store

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