Produce or product bags usually come on a roll and are small

Where people go, poop follows, and so do the nutrients. What’s happening is the migration of people into urban areas means there’s actually a migration of nutrients as well. There is a problem with decline in soil fertility in rural areas, Kramer explains, and that can create dependency on foreign countries to send fertilizer to restore the soil.

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To protect public health, the ordinance permits the continued use of the other main type of bag found at farmers markets, which do not have handles. Produce or product bags usually come on a roll and are small to medium sized. At grocery stores they can be very thin, but those found at farmers markets are generally made from a heavier clear plastic.

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There are others, sleeping on chairs, inside cars, on cardboard flats. A long, lean man unwraps himself from a blanket. He goes by the name Monroe, and he watches everyone around him, taking note of names and details, as the homeless learn to do..

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