Reductio Ad Absurdum? I’d desperately like to think so

Oh God, pray to our master and our Prophet Muhammad, a prayer of our reservation from the humiliation and the fewOur Lord and our Prophet Muhammad prayers of our care by the cruelty and negligence
O God, pray to our master and our Prophet Muhammad prayer, our reservation by what concerns us about you
Oh God, pray to our Lord and our Prophet Muhammad prayers Tvqnna by what brings you from us – Oh God, pray to our Lord And our Prophet Muhammad prayers make our endeavor thankful and our work acceptable
O God, pray to our master and our Prophet Muhammad, a prayer that gives us a gift and acceptance
O God, pray to our Lord and our Prophet Muhammad prayer interrupted by others who need us – God pray to our Lord And our Prophet Muhammad prayer to keep it with your blessings Cheers
O God, pray to our master and our Prophet Muhammad prayer be by all our things and so – Oh God, pray to our Lord and Prophet Muhammad تكون God bless our Prophet and our Prophet Muhammad, our prayers and prayers from all the calamities. O God, pray to our Lord and our Prophet Muhammad, a prayer that gives us many gifts.

Pray to our Lord and our Prophet Muhammad A prayer that gives us a happy life
O Allah, Pray to our Lord and our Prophet Muhammad a prayer facilitated by all things.

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Waelk of people and woe to people of you

The bleeding of the Companions did not stop on the threshold of illiterate children, whose stories tell stories that destroy hearts and frighten them. And their families to find their chastity which has not yet settled in the blood of the companion Abdullah ibn al-Zubayr, this great companion, which did not expand in order to purify the king of illiterate sons who found no way to revenge only by representing the companions and the whole house of cutting heads and steel and representation of corpses to remain Muawiya is the entrance The weak of their king, and after him the people of government will be abandoned, and will be devoted to offering the offering The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “He is the son of his father.” He said that ‘Abd-Allaah ibn al-Zubayr (may Allaah be pleased with them) killed his father as a sacrifice to the king of illiterate children and crucified him and cut off his head. A sacrifice for the same throne is the first born in the migration God is betrayed by the Jews who promoted that they charmed the Muslims and will not have a male after the first to the Prophet – peace be upon him – and kissed him and his throat, was the first entry into the cavity
Abdullah, the Holy Prophet, And rode him and did not manipulate his hobby raised in the hands of the Messenger of God and his grandfather Abu Bakr and his mother Names of the two domains inherited pride and boldness in the right
And when he becomes a boy sees the Companions that a group of young people grew up and offered to the Messenger of Allah to pledge them and was in them (Abdullah bin Jaafar, Abdullah bin Zubair, Omar Hermes Replica ibn Abi Salma when they came to the Messenger of Allah Heba The only boy Abdullah bin al-Zubair rushed to take the pledge Vaptms the Messenger of Allah and said (he is the son of his father) and also narrated that the Messenger of God was holding back one day Vtnzp cupping blood and called Abdullah bin Zubayr and say to him – Go this blood Vharkh where no one sees you go out Abdul Allah ibn al-Zubayr with blood and drink it, and he says to him, What have you done with blood? Say, I have put it in a place that I have known No one will see him and the Messenger of Allah says to him, “Why did you drink it?” Yes, he says to him: “The Messenger of Allah did not drink blood?” Woe to people from you, and woe to you from the people!) In another novel said the Prophet – peace be upon him – (Woe to you from the people, Woe to the people of you, do not hold the fire only oath) On your LordAllah is no different to you two Hermes Birkin Replica.