Zachary De La Rosa

Year: 2011

Zachary, a double major in mathematics and economics, founded the Economic Development Policy Center of the Roosevelt Institute and served as the Speaker of 93rd Student Congress. His summer project involved working within an Ecuadorian suburb of Quito and a deaf Jamaican community. After graduating from Carolina, he taught high school mathematics through the Teach for America … Continued

Caroline Fish

Year: 2010

Caroline Fish, a double major in psychology and English and a minor in creative writing, was one of two scholars chosen in 2010. She is from originally from Raleigh and focused her summer projects on working with victims of sexual assault and violence. Because of her research, she was able to continue pursuing her passions … Continued

Chase Jones

Year: 2010

Chase Jones, originally from Greensboro, was a business administration major and a minor in exercise and sports science. As a varsity baseball player, he overcame brain cancer during his first year at Carolina. This led him to pursue his passion of working with patients in the N.C. Children’s Hospital. His work led to the Carolina … Continued

Elinor Benami

Year: 2009

In its inaugural year, the scholarship was awarded to Elinor Benami. She was an economics major and environmental studies minor from Knoxville, Tennessee. Over the summer, Elinor traveled to the Middle East to intern with the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, as well as pursue her own independent projects. FacebookTwitterLinkedinemail