She only provides the training portion necessary for an

Well ladies and gentledudes, it has such a long time since I Have posted anything here, tbh its been a while since i have had something to post, but as the comicon 2014 challenge is nearing its close, and as I sux at uv mapping I didnt enter, but In the spirit of it all, I decided to sculpt a legend of the comic world, you cant arrest him because he IS the LAW!! Still a WIP got boots and shoulder to

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Tibetan 144:
The Ruler: Praise the Lord my rock Blessed!

1 The Lord my rock has been praised! Blessed! He is the one who trains my hands to fight! He is the one who practices my fingers to fight! Pallavi

2 He is my rock and fortress! He is my protector and redeemer! He is my shield and asylum! He is the One who subjects me to the peoples! Pallavi

9 Lord, I will sing to you a new song; You are the one who gains victory over 10 kings! And thou hast delivered thy servant David from the dead, Br>

Before the Good News

Christ Jesus, our Redeemer, destroyed the death and evangelized lifeThe light of the gospel

He is not the God of the dead; But the Savior of the Living God

Some Sadducees came to Jesus when they said,
Here the brother is seven, Jesus said to them, “This time Some people in the Scripture said to him, “Teacher, you answered me well”

The Gospel of Christ

The Gospel of Christ (November 19)

After Death What will we do?

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