She was an independent piano teacher in Mechanicsburg for over

So Mr Galloway its a refinement not a Cck up that will add just another 9,000. I hope people will see what arrogance and conceitment this Lib Dem’s people are. I wish they would live in the same world as us, where 9,000 is a lot of money and not just a re finement..

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Has been a director of the Company since March 2013. She serves as the Chair of our Compensation and Talent Committee and is a member of our Governance and Nominating Committee. From 2006 through the end of March 2013, Ms. During her long widowhood and old age, Sarah Eagar often was a special guest at social and patriotic observances. She was honored by many organizations, and her portrait was hung in Municipal Auditorium. In her 90s and beyond, both daily newspapers would announce before her birthday that Eagar would be home to her friends for an open house celebration..

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