Some will then take advantage

It is inconceivable that we enter a land we have not seen before and without. All we need now is for the first wave to be numerically large in order to break the barrier – the groups that will be gathered by this group. Each group carries a black banner that says “No God” God is the Messenger of Allah It is time to restore Jerusalem and the time of submission and silence and we decided all the Arab peoples and peoples of the ring countries around occupied Palestine (Egypt – Syria – Jordan – Lebanon) > Countries of the Ring Egypt – Syria – Jordan – Lebanon

Countries beyond the Gulf – Iraq – Sudan – Libya and the Arab Maghreb

Non-Arab countries that can participate Turkey – Iran and Central Asian countries

1: The arrival of crowds of countries of the ring in one time on the border..

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Anderson and Mr. Reed organized at the Sydney Opera House, said her international resonance was part of her appeal as a curator. “The purpose of the festival is to look at artists who have had a far reaching influence,” he said.

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