Somewhat justifiable since they’re all in Ancient Chinese

Guide Dang It!: When a spy is reversed, you get a message telling you about it and what city he came from. However, this doesn’t mean the spy is actually gone, in order to take advantage of this you need to send the spy to that city (in effect, giving you a free spy if sent to the city). Hollywood Spelling: Some city and people names are spelled phonetically instead of how they ought to be spelled. Somewhat justifiable since they’re all in Ancient Chinese, and a lot of such names probably can be translated into direct English in different ways. Instant Win Condition: The city is hopelessly in debt, outlaws roam the streets killing indiscriminately, people are leaving the city, and in two months the Xiongnu arrive to attack and you don’t have an army. Oh good, the year production tallies are in and you met your quota, mission complete! Averted if you actually get conquered you cannot win any mission if you’re another city’s vassal, even if you meet the requirements. Interface Spoiler: The menu shows coverage sections for entertainment and religion facilities long before you get access to them, and clicking on a house will tell you what they need to evolve, which may be a resource or building you don’t have yet. Kick the Dog: Whenever a foreign city sends an emissary to your city, you have the option to allow them in, turn them away, or execute them. This has no practical purpose but to piss off your rivals, but you can do it. Kick Them While They’re Down: Sending all your forces abroad will cause opportunistic raiding by other cities. These armies can be bribed away, fortunately. Killer Rabbit: Companies are named after the zodiac animal you chose. so your city can be defended by the Audacious Rabbits. Might Makes Right: A large army and an invasion will swiftly bring enemy cities under your control. If they rebel, you can earn favor with the city and wait (possibly years) for them to return to the fold peacefully, or you can send your army down to get them back in line the hard way. It’s also possible, though rare, for a neutral rival to willingly become your vassal if they have a high opinion of you and you command a superior military arm. Money for Nothing: Cities will only take gifts of cash into consideration if you’re poor enough that it actually means something. Mook Chivalry: The only aversion in the Caesar III engine/saga. Soldiers no longer engage the enemy in one on one fights, but every man in a company of up to 16 soldiers will spear the same single target at the same time if the odds allow it. Mundane Utility: Offer sacrifices to the heavens. Entice a Physical God to manifest in your city. Put it to work blessing you with free materials and extra productive buildings. Rinse and repeat. Narrator: The mission briefings and summarizations have.

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