Tar Heel in Tarboro

By: Leah Daniel

Hi everyone! It’s Leah again, and I’m back with an update on my summer experience. Since you last heard from me, I’ve been working at the Edgecombe County Health Department. I’m about halfway through my time there, and I’ve learned so much. It’s been so much fun working with all sorts of people to learn about everything that the Health Department does. I’ve been able to work with their interpreter to provide assistance to Spanish-speaking patients. As a Spanish for the Medical Professions minor, I’ve enjoyed this opportunity to gain some practice over the summer, as well as some practical experience in the medical field. I’ve also been able to shadow the doctors and nurses in the maternity clinic. Getting out of my cubicle and having patient interaction is definitely my favorite part of the week!

When I’m not working in the clinic or hanging out with the interpreter, I’m working on a new community program geared toward improving maternal and child health in the county. The Health Director has been so trusting and has given me plenty of freedom in drafting a new policy for product giveaways and incentive programs. In addition to working with a task force and leading meetings to develop this policy, I’ve been searching for grants and helping with proposals so that the program can continue after our current supplies have been used.

In fact, last week we spent an entire morning organizing and compiling a spreadsheet of all of the current supplies that we have because we weren’t entirely sure what all was there. Now that we’ve inventoried our supplies and are working on our grant applications, I feel confident that the policy I’ve developed will allow our program to assist women and children in Edgecombe County for years to come. Although my time at the Health Department is winding down, I’m looking forward to wrapping up all of these projects in the last few weeks, and maybe even knocking out a quick marketing campaign in my free time. I’ll be sure to update you again when my summer experience officially comes to a close!