The ban also applies to all types of oxo degradable

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Hermes Bags Replica SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileMontreal’s new bylaw banning single use plastic bags went into effect on New Year’s Day, making it the first major Canadian city to put forward such a rule.Former mayor Denis Coderre’s administration passed the bylaw in 2016, and Mayor Valrie Plante is following through on Coderre’s commitment.The city’s executive committee member responsible for the environment, Jean Franois Parenteau, says retail store owners will have a grace period to adjust to the new bylaw, during which time city officials will meet retailers to help them figure out how to conform to the new way of doing things.The Montreal executive committee member in charge of environment, Jean Franois Parenteau, said Quebecers use two billion plastic bags a year, and the recycling rate is just 14 per cent. (CBC)After June 5 World Environment Day retailers will be subject to penalties if they continue to hand out thin, single use bags.Parenteau said it is an easy decision for the environment.”Quebecers use two billion bags a year, and the recuperation rate is only 14 per cent,” he said.”We can find these bags in the trees, on the South Shore everywhere in nature.”Biodegradable bags banned, tooThe new bylaw bans lightweight plastic shopping bags, specifically ones that are less than 50 microns (or 0.05 millimetres) thick.The ban also applies to all types of oxo degradable, oxo fragmentable, oxo biodegradable and biodegradable bags.Certain bags, such as small plastic bags used for fresh vegetables or medication, will not be banned for hygienic reasons. March, Taso Erimos, says the local chain is experimenting with a variety of reusable bags, as well as paper bags with handles, to replace the biodegradable plastic bags it now uses Hermes Bags Replica.