This does not happen in every case, however

Joe simply replied “I need to get new tools”. Don’t be a Joe. 🙂 Always take care of your tools. These days, for example, many public bathrooms have flush and tap sensors installed to minimise the amount of contact the user has with surfaces that may be carrying harmful germs.Furthermore, high power automatic hand dryers are becoming increasingly popular, meaning users no longer have to push a button to activate hand dryers, again avoiding as much contact as possible.Try not to worry!Despite all the apprehensions you may have if you anxious about cleanliness in public toilets, try not to worry. All commercial toilet cubicles are cleaned regularly if they are in line with the proper regulations, so as long as you wash your hands before you leave, the risk of you picking up any nasty germs from using public washrooms is extremely low. Just make sure you used soap and water and washed your hands very thoroughly a quick splash of water won do the job..

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