This further imperils education in the Beehive State where the

Exploring the Worlds of God through Soul Travel

Dear ones, the below picture was painted by a student of the God-Realized Vairagi ECK Masters who, like many of us who study their timeless teachings, consciously move beyond ourselves nightly in the dream state and Soul Travel to Golden Wisdom Temples on planes far beyond the Astral Plane to study the Shariyat-ki-Sugmad, the Divine Wisdom that pours from the Heart of
Who among you desires to know more and awaken to the existence of reality within the microcosm that is thyself as Soul? Some of you, even in your waking state, find yourself in a brief moment absent from your human consciousness while the present elongates itself in stillness and you suddenly know something you before didn’
Some of you see the inner Light or hear the Inner Sound and have come to realize that the Third Eye has consequence far beyond that of opening it with physical
I am here to greet you and to assist you on your spiritual journey home to
Please send me a note in FB Messenger and a FB friend request, for the journey home to God is unique to each as is the religious experience of
I invite you to FB friendship and look forward to your note in FB

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Revelation 145: 10-
Pallavi: Your Beloved Ones Will Tell You the Glory of Your Government
10 The Lord, All thanks be to you; Do your lovers appreciate you? 12 Show me your power and your glorious splendor in the kingdom of heaven! 17 The Lord is righteous in all that he does; All their deeds are merciful. Wholesale Replica Bags

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