Top speed for both is 195 mph

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$ 500 – Cairo

Trip to the Mediterranean Sea of ​​Alexandria – Trip to the Cleopatra Hotel First row of the sea

from 23-10-2015 until 25/10-2015 3
3 days 2 nights including:
transfers back and forth
stay 3 days 2 nights
breakfast (open buffet)
indoor trips.. To the castle.. And to the frankincense section and to visit the house of Ria and Skeneh Price of flight 500 All inclusive – Reservations and inquiries 01203449377

There are trips to Hurghada, Ras Sudr and Ain Sokhna
For anyone who wants to follow the new trips and offers Add your comment. Replica Hermes

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At night one of the Muslim soldiers idea is impossible, He hid himself until he reached the door of the castle and continued to excavate and excavate until he could happen by a pole and then returned without telling anyone,

And tomorrow the Muslims were ready to fight as usual, entered this hero from the Negev and opened the door and defend Muslims and Climb the walls of the castle and what are the only moments until the Roman heard the voices of the magnifying Muslims on the walls and cut them inside the courtyard and victory for them.

After the battle, the leader of the Muslim bin Abdul Malik army, and called the highest voice: from the latest Negev in the door of the castle let him reward.

No one came out!

And he said again, from the latest Negev to come out Hermes Handbags.