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This new style of music assouf, guitare, al gitara, teshumara, desert blues, Tuareg rock call it what you will, had roots of course. Its lyrical spirit can be traced back to the old war cries of the Tuareg warriors and bandit rebels of former times, the old poems of bravery, beauty and customary splendour, or newer satirical poetry composed by women, which upbraided Tuareg men for their torpor and Tuareg society for its backwardness. Its sound is rooted in the traditional beat of the tend drum and the complex inflections of the teherdent, the three stringed lute played by the Tuareg and Songhoi griots of Gao and the Niger bend..

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Freeze leaves whole. Have ready boiling water and a bowl of cold water. Blanch the leaves in boiling water for 3 5 seconds.

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