Trapped in Another World: Erin Solstice

The first is when she reveals that she managed to get one of the vials of monkshood for Brigitte after they escape, only to realize that she forgot to take the syringe with her. Is Serious Business: For the most part of the movie, Spirit Advisor Ginger snarks at Brigitte every time she goes through a difficult moment, with the latter saying nothing in return. Towards the end of the movie, however, once Brigitte decided to confront the werewolf head on, she gives a short and mean spirited response to Ginger’s taunt. Formerly Fat: By the time book two comes around, Dot has lost a lot of weight and is now one of the prettiest girls at the School for Good. Gambit Roulette: Many simple factors could have made Evelyn’s plan fall apart entirely, but the headmaster is still resurrected. Generation Xerox: Sophie’s biological mother Vanessa, her father Stefan, and her stepmother Honora had a rivalry very similar to the dynamic Sophie has with Agatha and Tedros.

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