Turns out that the Rail Tracer is the entirely human and

In the film Mr. Potter represents the ever present forces of American Social Darwinism. He believes that people get what they deserve and that rich people deserve more than poor people. If you have bad luck or get sick, that’s tough luck. If you believe in helping those who are less fortunate or sick, like Jimmy Stewart’s George Bailey, then you’re a chump. Let the poor live in Mr. Potter’s slums. It’s okay to let children work that’s a good deal. Mr. Potter has no real sense of value other than extracting as much money as he can from the “hapless” members of his community who in the film are mostly poor whites and immigrants.

Valentin replica The second episode of Baccano! gives us the Urban Legend of the Rail Tracer: a monster that slowly snatches up and devours the passengers of the train on which its tale is told on. Turns out that the Rail Tracer is the entirely human and supposedly dead train conductor that first told the story http://www.pokersucellulare.com/it-could-be-a-new-product-or-service/, and doesn’t particularly like people messing up his train. Did we mention that he’s also a not entirely sane assassin that likes a good Roaring Rampage of Revenge? Valentin replica

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