Week 3….

By: Sarah Kaminer

NC Views

It was weird showing my family the book I got them. It is a picture book of NC sights. It has everything from Charlotte skylines, to the Biltmore estate, to the parkway. I tried to show them my favorite parts, like the picture of Wilson and the Old Well. They thought it was a castle. They kept saying “Tres pisos!!!” (three floors?). Oh how they poured over each picture! Touching it first. How do explain what the Biltmore house is? Or the dogwood (smells bad i said), or the old well? Of course I sat there with a huge grin on my face, such state pride!!! But, thi is the best of NC taken with a thousand dollar camera. A book like this of Guatemala would be INCREDIBLE. I told them I honestly think Guatemala has more beautiful sights than NC. It would be a novel. Mayan ruins, and colonial architecture, and lakes and volcanos!!! Do they know how I see Guatemala? Do they know how naturally beautiful their country is? Is ther country pride like my state pride? My little sister Joseline is 12. She wants to be a singer when she grows up. I asked if she could sing for me and this is what she sang. She wrote it. Google translate it.Yo estare a tu lado y le aduyare a encontrar la solucion a la violenciaHay tantos ninos que necesitan nuestra ayuda, purque andan en malos caminos y dicen que no hay solucion a su problema

(chorus) Guatemala llora y llorare yo contigo
porque cuando y llore tu lloraste conmigo y eras como mi amiga
y nadie era contra ti y nadie contra me

Guatemala llora

Guatemala llora y llorare yo contigo
porque en los momentos de dolor
oh mi guatemala llorare y contigo
porque tu estas conmigo

En el cielo se nota que tu tristeza brota y no se agota, por eso decimos…

Que hay fuerza que nos une por el amor por el corazon y por Guatemala

Guatemala llora y llorare yo contigo
porque en los momentos de dolor
tu estuviste conmigo

I had goosebumps. After she sang it I asked if they were taught about the Civil War in school. Denis, my papa, said they learn history but that is a tough subject. I do not know how she knows so much about the violence.