When combined with other factors, the risk is even greater

The castles built by the O’Kellys, and which are all situated in this district, are those of Moate, near Roscommon; Galy, on the borders of the Shannon, near Knockcroghery; Athleague, Corbeg, and Skryne, in the county Roscommon, and Garbally, Aughrim, Monivea, Gallagh, Mullaghmore, Moy lough, and Aghrane, now Castle Kelly, in the county of Galway. The Abbey of Kilconnell was also reconstructed by William O’Kelly, and Knockmoy, Clonmacnoise, and Clontuskert, experienced the liberality of the chiefs of Hy maine. Sir Richard Cox, in his explanatory index to his History of Ireland, has the word ‘Imanya;’ to which is added as explanation, country, in the counties of Galway and Roscommon; the O’Kellys were kings of this country.

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