When they arrived, deputies found Woodfolk bleeding from a

28 million school spending plan unveiled

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The terrorists did not just take life; they tried to make life and our civilization meaningless. This was not war. The state must regulate dispensaries better than it currently is. I would hate to see organized crime come in and become legitimate businesses because of the other dealings they might be involved in and the potential for abuse..

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In Britain this year, The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) launched a marketing campaign, called NameOurShip, to name their newest200 million research vessel. After an intense election season, the public who apparently is deeply invested in boat nomenclature voted overwhelmingly in favor of one name.

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District Court either should have directly ordered that Mr. Merzbacher be released from prison for time served or remanded [his case] with instructions that the Circuit Court should impose the agreed upon sentence of ten years, Stichel wrote, noting that is a very real likelihood that judge of that court will accept the plea deal if given the opportunity to refuse it.